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1- Machinery drives : ACS150 and ACS350 series ABB motor drives are classified “machinery motor drivers”. Drivers in this class are suitable for small levels  of industrial machinery applications ( ~22 kW  and less)


2- Standard Drivers : ACS550, ACH550 (for HVAC) and ACS310 (for Pump and fans) series ABB motor drive products are classified “standard motor drives" . This drives suitable for ~350 kW and less industriel applications that required mid-level performance (such as pump, fan ) .


3– Industriel drives: ACS800 and ACS850 series ABB motor drives are classified "industriel motor drives". ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial applications, and especially for applications in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining,cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries.


1. Decreasing maintenance costs : Mechanical and electrical load is minimized, reduces maintenance requirements.

2. Speed-up

3. Energy-saving : In many applications such as pumps & Fans allows for a large amount of energy savings.

4. Quality improvement : with Optimum process control product quality will increase.



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           - ACS350

           - ACS355

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           - ACH550

           - ACS800

           - ACS850

           - ACSM1


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Parallel connection to several buses

The new AC500 consists of different devices that can be combined and flexibly expanded to suit the customer’s individual requirements. It is also possible, for

instance, to operate several field buses simultaneously in any desired combination with a single control system. Customers can choose between different CPU performance classes, which can even be easily replaced subsequently to meet increasing requirements. Our common engineering tool AC500 Control Builder provides standardized programming of the entire platform according to IEC 61131-3, as well as further features and utilities.

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ABB PLC and Equipments

Customers’ requirements met to perfection

Simple, consistent expandability, flexible when choosing a field bus, and designed for future market trends – those are some of the demands made on an automation platform, particularly in the mechanical engineering sector, but in plant engineering as well. These needs have been worked out in a close dialog with customers and end-users. And now, they have been realized in the design and high functionality of the new scalable AC500 PLC.